The value of leds makes them the preferred source of modern design. GYX gives electrical lighting and design new dimensions of possibilities. The consumer expects only the function lighting on the appliance, our plan not only can provide this function, but adds beautiful element to the environment.

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LED Display Module
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Product Description

GYX offers a full range of through hole and surface mount LED digital displays. Customers are free to choose chip on board (COB), chip bonding and wire bonding, epoxy type, SMD LED and air type, etc. The displays come either in industry standard size packages and pinouts or special designed per customer’s requirement.
Seven Segment Displays

Seven segment LED displays are used in numeric indicators on the display panels of instruments, meters, home appliances, and communications and computing equipment. Single, dual, triple and quad digit types in a wide range of colors are available. 

SMD Display

GYX offers a full range of surface mount 7-segment displays that come in industry standard size packages and are ideal for most applications. Single, dual, triple, quadruple digit displays are available in assorted character heights and colors. SMD display is much smaller than traditional components, thus enable customers to design in applications that require small size, higher packing density and low power consumption.


Alphanumeric LED Displays
Alphanumeric LED displays can show both numerical digits and the letters of the alphabet. They feature high brightness, high contrast, and wide viewing angles. A wide range of colors is available. 
IC Driver Built-in LED displays
IC driver built-in LED displays provide the best solution for indication and display panels in home appliances, computer products, telecommunications, industrial and medical equipment, and game consoles. They feature high brightness, high contrast, and wide viewing angles.
Graphic LED Displays
Graphic LED Displays provide high flexibility in mechanical design and high contrast performance. They are widely used in indication and display panels for home audio-video equipment and appliances such as DVD players, VCRs, microwave ovens, and conventional ovens.


1.All dimensions are in millimeters(inch),Tolerance is ±0.25mm[0.01''] unless otherwise noted.
2.The specification may be changed without notice.

General Information

Electrical/Optical Characteristics at Ta=25° C

Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta=25°C

25° Ambient Temperature Unless Otherwise Noted


Reliability test items and conditions


1.V and H means the upper limit of specified characteristics.L and W means initial value.
2.Measurment shall be taken between 2 hours and after the test pieces have been returned to normal ambient conditions after completion of each test.


Package Type: