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GYXLED had the annual ceremony together with Han’s Group in Shenzhen bay sports center in Dec.30th,
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GYX Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.(abbr: GYXLED) is wholly owned subsidiary company of Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., which is a public company in China (china stock code:002008) with over 5 billion US dollar market value and around 8000 employees.


Han’s Group had the annual ceremony in Shenzhen bay sports center in Dec.30th, 2015. GYXLED, as the top performance operation subsidiary company, was awarded the excellent operation unit by Han’s Group chairman. 

Known for its LEDs’ performance, efficiency and reliability, GYX offers an extensive portfolio of products that include SMD LED, Lamp LED, module solutions such as seven segment display, numeric display, alphanumeric display, pictorial display, graphic display, surface mounted display, dot-matrix display.The highly integrated customization capability of the GYX also enables the products to fit well to specific customer design needs, making the products unique to the customers’ applications. 

GYXLED aims to provide the best products and service to its global customers